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1. Problem

Informative campaign about what is a Hackathon.

The goal is to get a larger number of participants in the Hackathon activities.

2. Values

E³UDRES² is based on the fundamental values ​​of the European Union and is strongly committed to the standards and guidelines of the European Higher Education Area. In addition, E³UDRES² defines core values ​​as a guideline in all activities, namely gender equality, diversity of communities, intercultural commitment and regional roots.

3. EUDRES BrandPersonality

E³UDRES² is characterized by being concerned with current social, environmental and economic challenges. In addition, it is also concerned with the transition of the universities of the future.

4. Positioning

E³UDRES² is exemplary as an entrepreneurial European university that responds to the social, environmental and economic challenges of the 21st century and is committed to the goals of sustainable development. It acts as a living laboratory for the society of the future in progressive European regions and connects research, innovation, education and community service.


1. Strategic Guidelines

The strategic orientation chosen is the brand image strategy, since this bet on the differentiation of the product focused on the "personality" of the brand, of its brand image, referring to the background the "use value"/ "utilitarian value" of the advertised products.

2. Promisse

The campaign promises to show how the Hackathon can be advantageous for participants, as well as how it works, among others. (benefit).

The promise used satisfies the fulfillment of advertising objectives insofar as there is a advantage for the customer arising from the use or consumption of the advertised product or service.

3. Campaign Tone

We intend for this to be a lightweight campaign, so that it can be easily interpreted by individuals and stakeholders. In addition, we intend for this to have a cheerful and informal tone, given that the objetive is to attract younger people.

The campaign will take into account all the values of EDURES and, therefore, will be faithful to the institution itself.

4. Limitations

The campaign will not mention any values ​​or aspects that could cause EUDRES to be seen as a low-profile brand.

5. Advertising Goals

The two main objectives of this campaign are to inform people about what a Hackathon is and, in this way, to ensure that there is more demand from individuals for this activity.

6. Target

The campaign will be aimed at university students in the area of ​​​​Business Sciences in the Setúbal district, more specifically at students of the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, aged between 17 and 30 years old.

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